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Clean, Protected, and Shiny VCT

Vinyl Clad Tile (VCT)

It has been a popular floor install choice for businesses, and in some residential settings.

Yet, it can easily become dull, dirty, and even damaged to the point of replacement.

After install, VCT tile was meant to be maintained in a certain, regular way to keep it intact and beautiful.

To keep your VCT floor clean, protected, and shiny there are three options, depending on the needs of your VCT flooring.

1. Scrub and Wax

When is a Scrub and Wax needed? Scrubbing and waxing VCT floors is done when they have become a little dull or dirty, yet still have a good amount of protective wax on it, scrubbing and waxing again can help protect it and restore its' look. To accomplish this, a rotary swing machine is used, along with a mild liquid solution, to scrub the dirt and some wax off the VCT. Then, more coats of wax are added to protect and beautify the VCT floor for even a longer period of time.

2. Strip and Wax

When is a strip and wax needed? When your VCT floor has become heavily soiled and worn, especially when the protective wax coating is worn off, or if your VCT floor has not been rewaxed in a while, stripping and waxing can restore your VCT floor and protect it to last longer.

3. Burnishing

When is burnishing needed? Burnishing is the best way to maintain the wax on your VCT floors. It's a regular process whereby a high speed rotary machine burnishes the clean wax on a VCT floor. It adds shine and luster and hardness to your wax. Burnishing is best done soon after a complete strip and wax of your VCT floors. To keep your VCT floors looking their very best, burnishing is something that ought to be done on a frequent basis, depending on your floor needs (the traffic it sees), such as daily, weekly, or monthly burnishings.

In the end, any one or more of these three VCT floor maintenance procedures is the key to protecting and maintaining your VCT flooring investment and reputation to your customers.

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