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Clean and Shiny Wood Floors

Wood flooring is beautiful, and natural looking

Yet, wood needs protected from liquid, because liquid can swell and warp and discolor wood.

So, wood is sealed or stained and sealed.

Stain alone does not protect wood from damage. Stain enhances or changes the color of the wood.

Wood sealers, such as polyurethane finishes, are put on top of the wood or stained wood, to protect that wood from liquids. It also protects the color of the wood and stain.

Over a period of a few years, or sometimes a little longer, these wood sealers become worn to the point that the color or stain of the wood is exposed to the elements. Before this happens to your wood floors, it ought to be deep cleaned and scrubbed, and finished with more sealer.

This is sometimes called a "maintenance coat," or "sandless refinishing".

Before your wood floors become too worn to replenish, add to, or enhance the protective polyurethane coating, you ought to have a professional deep scrubbing cleaning performed, with the final step of adding one or two coats of protective finish.

Otherwise, your wood floors will become damaged by not only having its protective outer coating removed in certain places, it will also diminish the protective wood stain or grain to the point of needing a more expensive total sand and recoat.

Unsealed wood leaves water stains in the wood grain, and also dirt and debris that needs sanded out. Having your wood floors deep cleaned and finish replenished will keep you from having to pay a lot more money to sand and refinish them.

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